D’lecta Creme

Creme is made from pure cow milk. The quality and taste of D’lecta Crème is at par with international standards.

Creme doesn’t contain any thickening chemical as an ingredient. It is free flowing, stable to heat and does not coagulate. In this Crème, the fat and water do not separate and creme maintains a definite consistency within the shelf- life period.

Creme adds richness and blends fully in desserts and savouries and thus can be used conveniently without getting a bad after taste to the food.

Creme is much more than fresh cream, it has a thick “milk-like” consistency, tastes fresh and adds an appetizing texture to various Indian and international dishes, thus making it a favored consumable product either 2018 wedding dresses as an ingredient or as a food product in itself.

Creme is available in convenient easy pour-n-store tetra packs with a spout and cap, which facilitate easy pouring and controlled usage.

Available in: 200 ml and 1 ltr pack

Storage Conditions : Cool condition
Product Applications : Bakery confectionery and desserts.

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