D'licia Dairy Free Cooking Crème

It has a higher fat content (23%) as compared to others. This results in a richer, creamier and thicker final product.

Can be used in preparing several Indian as well as continental cuisines e.g: Confectioneries, desserts, soups etc.

Cooking Crème leads to substantial saving due to lesser usage of chocolate while making Ganache or rich truffle sauce. Additionally, it is available in a standee-pouch with a spout and a cap which ensures portion control, easy and cleaner pouring, hence reducing wastage and facilitating storage without spillage.

Offers longer shelf life of finished products. Finished products specially Ganache remains fresh and usable for longer periods of time.

Does not split on heating. It mixes homogeneously when added to dishes while being cooked in both Indian and Continental cuisines. Does not split on garnishing which gives soups and desserts an appealing texture and look.

Available in: 2 Kg Gable top carton

Storage Conditions : Frozen at or below -18°C.
Product Applications : Substitute of dairy cream in Indian and Western cooking. Making of chocolate ganache.