Fruit Fillings

Fruit Fillings are whole processed fruits in a mixture of sugar, starch and water with added stabilizers and other permitted additives.

It is used as a substitute for fresh fruit as they are easy to use. Are more cost effective and have a much longer shelf-life than fresh fruit.

D'licia Fruit Fillings have a pleasant mouth feel and taste, are wholesome and fruity, much like the original taste of the fruit. This has a good fruit color does not appears to be artificial.

Storage Conditions : Cool, hygienic and dry place
Product Applications : Bakery and confectionery products. They can be added to muffin batter to give fruit muffins, fruit-cake batter; cheese cakes as fillings and toppings; tarts and pies as toppings and fillings; croissants as fillings, pastry for topping or layering; desserts and puddings; fruit based ice-creams and gelatos.