Spinach, Corn and Cream Cheese Samosas

Total Time Taken

30 min

Makes 12

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2 bunchesSpinach

5 tbspThawed Frozen corn

1 tbspD’Lecta unsalted butter

1/2Chopped Onion

2Chopped Garlic

200 gD’Lecta cream cheese

A pinchPepper

Salt to taste

12Samosa patti

2 tbspFlour

2 tbspWater

2 cupsOil


Clean and wash the spinach.

Bring a pan of water to boil and immerse the spinach leaves in it for 30 seconds.

Drain and refresh in cold water and put in a kitchen cloth and squeeze tightly to remove any excess water.

Chop the squeezed spinach and keep aside.

Heat 1 tbsp butter in a pan, add the onions and garlic and sauté for 2-3 minutes until the onions become translucent.

Add the corn and mix well.

Add the spinach and switch off the flame.

Put the mixture in a bowl, add the cream cheese, salt and pepper.

Mix well and check for seasoning.

Mix the flour and water to form a thick paste and keep aside.

Lay the samosa patti flat on a steel plate or on a work table.

Put a spoonful of the spinach mixture at the bottom of the samosa patti.

Take corner of the samosa patti and make a triangle over the spinach mixture.

Now take this triangle and fold it back moving upwards.

Continue doing this until you reach the top of the samosa patti.

Stick the ends of the patti with the flour water mixture and seal tightly.

Repeat with the remaining samosas.

Heat oil in a kadai or a wok.

Deep fry the samosas in batches until golden brown and crisp.

Serve hot with ketchup.

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